Victoria Bunnie Garza

Future tattooist

In relationship August1,2014 B+V

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Boyfriend problems

Its going to suck if we break up.. I’m pretty sad about it actually. It sucks when you have to tell the person “you don’t care”, you have to convince yourself you don’t care..I hate the pain it comes with after a break up, specially if that person means a lot to you. We’re breaking up because I broke my phone like couple weeks ago, so we don’t talk as much..but we still see each other..He doesn’t realize that i don’t have the money to fix it..or get a new one. I should be getting a new phone this weekend. I’m being extremely positive about this sititution as much as i can, but him saying “Its like you’re a stranger, i don’t even care anymore.” is making things so much worse then what really should be. Then not responding to my messages, is really getting to me.. I don’t even know what say anymore..I’m just really really sad..